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Birdwatching at Altos del María, once more (pt. 1)

We were again invited by Alfred Raab to birdwatch in Altos del María. Unfortunately, this time, the day was foggy and with scattered showers.

We found a swarm of army ants and we were able to observe some ant followers like Bicolored Antbird, Plan Brown Woodcreeper and Ruddy Woodcreeper.

Despite that this species is frequently observed foraging around army ants, it is not an obligate follower of their swarms, as these woodcreepers are also seen feeding alone, with other mixed-species flocks, and in association with troops of monkeys.

Ruddy Woodcreeper (Dendrocincla homochroa) is a secretive denizen of foothill forests, ranging from Mexico south to Panama, and into South America in the northern areas of Colombia and Venezuela. It's rufous-brown throughout its plumage expect for grayish lores, and shows a short, stout, fairly straight bill for a woodcreeper. The species is highly dependent on army ant swarms for food, and so is typically encountered within mobile, mixed flocks when…

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