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Our first Wildlife Photography Workshop

On April 22, 2017 we conducted our first wildlife photography workshop thanks to Canon Panamá, who organized the workshop as part of their continuing support to photography enthusiasts, and our mutual interest to share knowledge and photography tips. The workshop was imparted by Miguel “Siu”.

Wildlife photography is a very broad subject-matter. Therefore, the real challenge was to cover as much subjects as possible on a limited amount of time. The general objectives of the workshop were: To know the different techniques used by professional photographers to obtain sharper images of animals in the wild.To know what equipment and accessories are needed and what the results are with each one.

During six hours we shared our knowledge in Gamboa Rainforest Resort where firstly we covered  two hours of theory, explaining basic concepts, and showing which gear is required. We gave tips to make pictures with good results in natural environments, we taught the techniques to achieve sharper imag…

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