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Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is a species of mammal related to the anteaters and sloths that can be found from the South of the United States to the North of Argentina. It is found in grasslands, tropical forests and a wide variety of dryland habitats. Although it seems more common in humid areas, where they excavate the earth to create burrows with their legs that have claws. It has an armored body and despite its short legs, it moves very quickly.
It is an animal of mainly nocturnal habits, very elusive and timid; it is guided by smell, and also by the acute sense of hearing. During the day they usually stay in their burrows, and in the evenings, they venture into open fields to hunt insects and larvae. It is an insectivorous animal, feeding mainly with ants and termites. However, it also feeds on other small insects and invertebrates such as worms and snails, tuberous roots and small amphibians. Due to being hunted for its meat and shell, and due to destruction o…

El Valle - the best place for Panama Birds & Wildlife Photos of 2017 (pt. 2) - Featured species: Fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper)

El Valle - the best place for Panama Birds & Wildlife Photos of 2017 (pt. 1) - Featured species: Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)

Featured species: Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

Featured species: Pheasant Cuckoo (Dromococcyx phasianellus) (pt. 2)

Featured Species: Ruddy Quail-Dove (Geotrygon montana)

Birdwatching at Altos del María, Pt. 2 - Featured species: Orange-bellied Trogon (Trogon aurantiiventris)

Birdwatching at Altos del María once more, Pt. 1