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Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno)

Interesting facts:

Their habitat is montane cloud forest from Southern Mexico to western Panama. The male has a helmet-like crest. Depending on the light its feathers can shine in a variant of colors from green-gold to blue-violet. In breeding males, tail coverts are longer than the rest of the body. It is classified as near threatened due to habitat loss.

Back to bugs and insects

Since I got a new camera (Canon 7D Mark II) I've been focused testing it for bird photography, I ended testing it on different conditions and almost forgot about my little friends.

I also tested it on macro shots one day but honestly I didn't like the results, I feel that the 7D Mk II in comparison to the 5D Mk III its lacking detail sharpness.

Below you can find the best pictures I got testing the 7D Mk II on macro that time, I'll be returning to this kind of photography for the next weeks with my old camera, stay tuned.

An Asilidae, Diptera order eating another Diptera


This one was very hard to photograph. The Thread-legged Bugs (Emesinae) are a subfamily of the Reduviidae (i.e., assassin bugs). They are conspicuously different from the other reduviids by their very slender body form. .


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