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Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno)

Interesting facts:

Their habitat is montane cloud forest from Southern Mexico to western Panama. The male has a helmet-like crest. Depending on the light its feathers can shine in a variant of colors from green-gold to blue-violet. In breeding males, tail coverts are longer than the rest of the body. It is classified as near threatened due to habitat loss.

About this blog

Welcome to the wonderful world of birds and wildlife photography in Panama. Here you will see a selection of Panamanian wildlife pictures including birds, mammals, reptiles, and bugs.

This blog is the companion to my main site (, dedicated to Panama's wildlife photography through the eyes of Siu Generis (my pseudonym), and it's mainly focused on (but not limited to) birds, insects and bugs. 

I've been an amateur photographer since the end of 2012 but early in 2014 my interest leaned towards macrophotography and later on birds. Inspired by David Attenborough documentaries I used to watch as a kid, my love to nature and wildlife, and also due to the lack of Panamanian photographers dedicated to diverse Panama's wildlife. My process is to simply photograph what I find, I rarely use blinds and never do set up shots. I see my work as a photographer as a way to educate and promote conservation through knowledge and contemplation.

With almost 1,000 species of birds, Panama is an extraordinary destination for bird watching or birding but also has a wealthy biodiversity, hence this site also includes pictures of bugs, insects, and other animals as reptiles and mammals.

Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)

Disclaimer: All images on this site are copyrighted to his author. If you’d like to purchase rights  or high resolution prints please contact me at A variety of print sizes and finishes either framed or not, are available, and 60% of the earnings will be donated to Conservación Panamá (a NGO) to fund nature conservation programs. Under Fair Use laws these images can only be used for non-profit, educational, research or scholarly purposes; any other use requires the permission of the author.


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